Why We LOVE Aldershot!

//Why We LOVE Aldershot!

Why We LOVE Aldershot!

Aldershot is the best! Situated in what was a somewhat remote undiscovered West side of Burlington adjacent to Hamilton.  Filled with many quiet tree line streets with generous sized properties cared for by friendly neighbours eager to communicate and be connected.  All the amenities and services needed to raise a family, provide a stable income, secure a home, receive an education, receive care, connect and enjoy all life has to offer.


Born at JBMH and raised in Aldershot until graduation from Aldershot High School, my high school sweetheart Cindy and I have a bit of biased history.  Cindy’s Mother is now a little East of Aldershot in Burlington and my parents still reside in Aldershot on the same street we grew up and will likely stay there for ever – An awesome opportunity.  Cindy and I did move around after High School while going to school: Brock University in St. Catherines; University of Detroit Mercy in Michigan; Indiana University in Indianapolis, Indiana.  We had job opportunities in St. Catherines, Michigan, Indiana, Buffalo, Iowa, SanFrancisco, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Barrie, Orillia, Collingwood, as well as others, and choose to come back to Aldershot to work and raise a family.


We joined my parents Dental Practice 20 years ago, eventually taking it over and keeping it going in it’s 54 year now!  Cindy enjoys working with our long standing team or family to help maintain our vision of providing the highest quality service and dentistry.


Aldershot offers a small town feel with big town amenities!  The small town has always appealed to us, however we are learning to accept the growth economics of our small town and all the amenities we enjoy.  Aldershot is trying to strik the perfect balance between the peacefulness that small-town living affords, while enjoying a newfound vibrancy brought about by a recent surge of growth.


We are trying to preserve what Aldershot has, being careful not to overbuild it, considering our motor vehicle traffic demands to keep this area thriving, with safe opportunities for alternatives means of transportation.  We have special beautiful public schools for our children, public services, and a Hospital we need to vigoroulsy support.  Get involved when you can…..

Patrick Pedlar

email: mpatrickpedlar@gmail.com

Website: restorativedentistry.ca


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